Meeting Cross Curriculum Priorities of Sustainability is a huge focus of our Term 2 bookings.

Schools are solidly booking in to meet outcomes for Sustainability, English, Drama, General Capabilities and Geography with one of our 2 drama workshops.

Foundation to Year 2’s enjoy the Habitat Helpers drama workshop which sees students becoming superheroes flying across the world and looking at ecological hotspots and how local action can effect change. Engagement levels are high as these superheroes flex their muscles wearing a powerful sparkly green cape! They usually run off buzzing with ideas for change and action.

Seniors in Years 3-6 start their sustainability journey on Planet Pluto in our S.O.S – Students Observing Sustainability workshop. These Plutonians receive a distressed call for help from Planet Earth and using their superior observational skills discover what local actions humans can use for key areas of deforestation, overfishing, pollution and landfill. Small group skits provide many opportunities for discussion both in the drama workshop and after we leave.

Engagement levels are higher, students feel empowered with the investigations and there’s always lots of laughter and smiles.

Drama really is a fantastic vehicle for investigating Sustainability Curriculum Outcomes.

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