Term 2, 2021 Update

We have been busy with incursions this year. Everyone has missed out last year and the pent-up demand has made us run from venue to venue.

Feel free to call Melissa, our beautiful Office Manager for any queries around suitability for your groups/classes. We aim to personalise your sessions exactly to your children as best we can, understanding that this year there is a high level of worries for some children around change of routines.

Don’t forget for the preschool to Year 2 we offer a free Social Story so you can prepare the children for our arrival and they know ahead of time what to expect. This provides such a relief for many children.

Term 3

Term 3 sees us swing heavily into both Tiddalick the Frog following NAIDOC Week in July and also Journey Into Space. These are two of our most popular incursions in schools and preschools.

We also have an amazing Social Emotional Learning Program for Years 3&4 Unplugged, promoting leadership skills, inclusivity, kindness and social awareness. It’s a five week incursion with a lot of content.

Students work in tribes to defeat an evil computer virus that has the world plugged into it….highly engaging and very unique!

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