The Story So Far…

It’s the year 2050 and children learn that the world is plugged into a computer virus. People no longer talk to each other or interact. Everyone is plugged into the virus and has forgotten how to communicate, how to be kind and inclusive. They have forgotten how to try.

Flik Firewall (drama teacher in role) recruits them to recover the human qualities that the virus has stolen.

Welcome to the Tribe, Stronger Together…

After a short break children form five tribes representing the stolen human qualities – cooperation, persistence, tolerance, kindness and communication. Each tribe must construct a base camp and create a welcoming ceremony before the computer virus catches them.

Set the Scene…

After the lunchtime break one successful tribe beats the virus and sends messages and a secret task to the other tribes. Each tribe must perform a scene involving a moral decision, will they make the right choice?

People Power!

After a short break the tribes have almost reached their goal but they must decode the clues before they can progress. They have shown cooperation, kindness, persistence and tolerance but must come together as a community in order to defeat the virus.

The Ending?

Well, we’re not giving this one away!

All we can say is that your children will be 110% immersed and engaged.

They will be problem solving, building connections, interacting, imagining and having so much fun that the day will fly.

This exciting adventure runs from 9am – 3pm including breaks for lunch and refreshments.

Max number 30 participants, minimum of 20 per day.

“We are all very pleased with Unplugged. The students loved it and are highly engaged.”

Armadale Primary School