Primary School

Under the Sea Incursion

Children love exploring the ocean and there is so much to see during our UNDER THE SEA incursion.

Primary school children will become Underwater Divers, Rainbow Fish, Octopus, Dolphins, Seaweed and Jellyfish.

Using music and drama techniques, children will explore animal movements, ocean habitat and the impact of pollution on marine life.

Compliments the study of; living and non-living things, the ocean, Summer, sustainability, the beach.

Suitable for Foundation to Year 2.

Links to Literacy, Science as Human Endeavour & Science Understanding Strands of The Australian Curriculum.

“The kids LOVED the incursion. They loved feeling like they were actually in the story. The costumes were great and the music and sound effects complimented well too. The teacher was so engaging with lots of interactions and role playing.”

Forest Lodge Public School

Curriculum Suitability – Under The Sea Incursion

Linkage To Australian Curriculum

  • Understand that living things have basic needs – food, shelter and water (Science Understanding strand)
  • Exploration of the way living things move through water (Science Understanding strand)
  • Understand that the way animals move depends on their size, shape and physical features (Science Understanding strand)
  • The study of living things – external features, body parts and their uses (Science Understanding strand)
  • Understanding habitats (Science Understanding strand)
  • Caring for the environment ie protecting ocean life from pollution (Science as Human Endeavour strand)
  • The sharing of observations and ideas (Science Inquiry Skills strand)
  • Use of interaction skills including turn taking and listening (Literacy strand)