Toolbox Dram@tix is a creative fun-filled new Program introducing drama skills to students years 3-6.

This eight week comprehensive course is an entry into the world of drama and all the magic it holds!

Through the art of drama, children aged 8-12 will learn to build confidence, be taught how to command a room with the correct use of posture and voice, create their own scenes and learn how to interpret and modify their body language and voice to discover their own unique characters.

Using group work and individual tasks, this course will assist your students to become the best versions of themselves!

What’s included?

Toolbox Dram@tix lessons take place on-site and run for 1-hour each across 8 weeks. You can expect lots of fun, laughter and respect, as your students develop a new appreciation and awareness of themselves, each other and stage-craft. We can also tailor it for you as a 4 week Program, twice a week intensive – perfect for Student Leadership!

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The lessons are laid out as follows:

Lesson 1:

Introduction – Tools of the Trade

Welcome to the world of Drama! Through a series of games and exercises, students are introduced to the tools of an actor’s trade: their body, their voice and their imagination. This session explores improvisation, movement and interpretation through dramatic expression and creative learning. Great for getting kids started and building confidence.

Lesson 2:

Body Language – Bodies in Space

This lesson is all about movement! Students learn how different bodies move and how to observe and interpret different physicality in context. What does it feel like to be a mirror and move exactly when the person in front of you does? How can we understand someone if all they’re saying is “Rhubarb”?! Strong focus on meaning and interpretation through improvisation.

Lesson 3:

Stagecraft – Exit Stage Left: pursued by a Bear

Students explore how it feel to express emotions using bodies and faces.

In this session, children learn emotional interpretation and practice entering and exiting the space with different levels of feeling. This lesson focuses on developing character through physical expression and explores meaning and interpretation through physicality. Perfect skill development for end of year concerts.

Lesson 4:

Characterisation Part 1 – Who am I?

Students explore the development of characters and individuality and what it means to be themselves. They explore meaning and interpretation of actions and physical responses. Fun activities teach students how to vary their movements based on context and improvisation.

Lesson 5:

Characterisation Part 2 – Name that Stereotype

What is a stereotype? Students roleplay a variety of different characters becoming sculptors and statues Working in groups, frozen tableau of stereotyped characters are created before bringing them to life! This lesson focuses on understanding character, meaning and interpretation through physicalisation.

Lesson 6:

Vocalisation Part 1 – What’s that Sound?

In this session, the students learn vocal warmups to keep their voices strong before launching into a vocal extension of their characterisation work! This workshop explores breathing, focus, voice and movement to develop a greater understanding of character.

Lesson 7:

Vocalisation Part 2 – Who Said That?

This lesson is all about learning how to use our voices effectively. Students focus on how voice enhances performance and learn key words: Projection, Clarity and Character. An excellent introduction to speaking clearly and concisely in all contexts!

This lesson focusses on developing an understanding of voice and language to form ideas and communicate meaning.

Lesson 8:

Confidence & Power – Silence is Golden

The final lesson in this series is about building confidence and feeling powerful. Students learn not to be afraid of silence in performance and public speaking and how to use their body and voice to bolster their confidence when they are the focus of attention; either on stage or in a classroom. Looks at focus, tension, space and time and practises public speaking.

An absolute grand finale of empowering students using drama skills and stage craft.

Crowded Curriculum and Time-Poor but love it?


(3.5 hours)

In this extensive workshop, students from years 3-6 are introduced to the tools of an actor’s trade: their body, their voice and their imagination.

In this half-day comprehensive, kids are encouraged to experiment with exploring body language, creating characters, projecting their voice, improvisation, scene work and gaining confidence in front of an audience. The Mini-Dram@tix incorporates aspects from sessions 1, 2, 5, 7 & 8 from the full term option, with a strong focus on group work and confidence building.

Curriculum Suitability

Curriculum Outcomes: