Primary School

Tiddalick The Frog Incursion

Our very popular TIDDALICK THE FROG Incursion, brings to life the Aboriginal Dream Time story of Tiddalick the Frog.

During this unique incursion primary school children will become local fauna; Emus, Frill Necked Lizards, Wombats, Koalas, Kangaroos, Cockatoos and Kookaburras.

Using performance, music and storytelling techniques the children will become part of the story and explore the importance of sharing water and resources.

Perfect for exploring; stories, aboriginal stories, NAIDOC Week Celebrations, water management, greed, sharing and drama.

Suitable for Foundation to Year 2.

Links to Language, Literature & Literacy Strands of The Australian Curriculum.

children roleplaying
children roleplaying
children roleplaying

“The Drama Toolbox offers fantastic incursions, each of them is all around the children, their interests, their ability to be engaged and be attentive for the right amount of time. Children are the protagonist of each dramatisation.”

International Grammar School

Curriculum Suitability – Tiddalick The Frog Incursion

Linkage To Australian Curriculum

  • Link to Aboriginal culture (cross curriculum priority)
  • A suggested text to read, view and interpret ie. An Aboriginal story (Language strand)
  • Recreating a text through performance (Literature strand)
  • Give students the opportunity to explore some of the meaning and teachings embedded in Dreamtime stories (Literature strand)
  • Understand that stories can be passed on to teach us how to live appropriately (Language strand)
  • Reflects the importance of sharing water as a precious commodity in the Aboriginal culture (cross curriculum priority)
  • Gives students the opportunity to use interaction skills ie. Turn taking, listening  (Literacy strand)