Primary School

The Body Investigators Incursion

Primary school children will become immersed in our healthy body incursion, THE BODY INVESTIGATORS, and gain an understanding of how diet physical activity and sleep can impact their body’s performance.

They will have so much fun during this highly educational incursion dressing-up as Brain Nuerons, Red and White Blood Cells, Oxygen and Gastric Juices.

They will enter an unhealthy body via the nose and role play the different body systems learning the importance of looking after their body.

This incursion offers a unique way to explore; healthy bodies, everyday foods and sometimes foods, the different body systems, the importance of sleep and the overall workings of the human body.

A whole school healthy body experience!

Suitable for Foundation to year 6.

Links to Literacy, Science As Human Endeavour, Science Inquiry Skills & Science Understanding Strands of The Australian Curriculum.

students roleplaying
students roleplaying
students roleplaying
students roleplaying
students roleplaying

“I have to say the workshop was perfect, exactly what we needed as a start to our unit on the human body. The children learnt so much, in the one hour session, and were given just enough information to start their inquiry project this term. The presenter was so energetic, bubbly and full of life. She was excellent with the students! I was extremely happy with the workshop and have recommended to other teachers, so thank you again!”

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, North Ryde

Curriculum Suitability – The Body Investigators Incursion

Linkage To Australian Curriculum

  •  The study of the human body –features, body parts and their uses (Science Understanding strand)
  • The questioning, investigating and comparisons of different body systems (Science Inquiry Skills strand)
  • The communication and sharing of observations and ideas through role play (Science Inquiry Skills strand)
  • The study of the effects of people’s actions on their own bodies (Science as Human Endevour strand)
  • Use of interaction skills including turn taking and listening (Literacy strand)