Holiday Program

The Body Investigators

Children will become immersed in our healthy body incursion and gain an understanding of how diet, physical activity and sleep can impact their body’s performance.

They will have loads of fun during this highly educational incursion dressing-up as Brain Neurons, Red and White Blood Cells, Oxygen and Gastric Juices.

Children will enter an unhealthy body via the nose and role play the different body systems learning the importance of looking after their body.

This incursion offers a unique way to explore healthy bodies, everyday foods and sometimes foods, the different body systems, the importance of sleep and the overall workings of the human body.

Every child has 2 costume changes in the 1 hour session.

“The children were so engaged! They loved the dressing up and it was such a great balance between presentation of content and interactive fun. The children found it easy to understand and were enthused and focussed for the whole session.”

Sacred Heart Primary School