A School Readiness Package for use in Preschools and Primary School Transition Programs

Ready, Set, School Incursion Package

This extensive package includes the following:
* 1 hour incursion about Seal’s Transition Day at Wild Primary
* Three Follow up videos for use at home, in preschool or at a school orientation day
* Follow up Teacher Resources pack including extension activities


It’s School Transition day at Wild Primary.

Seal is so excited and just a little nervous!

Children journey along with Seal as she goes to Big School for her Transition Day to discover a big world of timetables and activities.

Seal is so excited and just a bit nervous for this special Day. What if she gets lost? What is no one wants to be her friend?

During role call and Show & Tell she meets her new friends at Wild Primary. Together with her buddies Seal discovers all about taking turns and managing her worries about Big School.

She discovers the fun involved in friendship groups and the joy of learning and not giving up.

Each student will use a puppet in this engaging and active incursion to role play their part in Seal’s first day of school practice. It’s the perfect incursion for transition to school questions and answers and to learn the skills to cope with excitement and worries.

This incursion runs for 1 hour at your venue for a max of 30 pre-schoolers.

Getting ready for the new School Year –the friends check in on each other…

Seal and her buddies from Wild Primary have had their Transition Day and are eagerly awaiting the First Day of School.

They realise they still have so many questions they need to talk about. This set of 3 videos are perfect for preschoolers to discuss with their families at home in preparation for Big School. They are also perfect for a second Transition Day Activity.

Complete with a downloadable PDF Activity Sheets, this is a terrific resource for primary school orientation packages run in preschools or at primary schools

I want to go to school

Length: 3:37

What goes in my school bag

Length: 3:59

So many Questions

Length: 4:25

These 3 videos come with the following additional resources for children to complete at home or at preschool:

  1. Colouring In sheet
  2. What goes in my school bag? Teacher Extension Activity Pack.

Additional Extension Option – Take Home Chimp in schoolbag

To reinforce all the exciting lessons and activities children discover through this package educators can use their own Cheeky Chimp puppet in a Wild Primary School bag. Chimp is one of the beautiful Wild Primary Characters who journey with Seal to Big School and has bunches of character and charm.

Educators can keep the Big School excitement going with the take home chimp that is there as a special helper for those transition discussions and beyond. Chimp is ready to be your 2IC and handle any questions, worries or last minute cuddles required! 

Program Details

  • Incursion runs for 1 hour at your venue for a max number of 30 pre-schoolers per session
  • Includes a pre-program colouring sheet
  • The program is run by qualified teachers and skilled drama specialists
  • Only available for Term 3 & Term 4 Bookings

Curriculum Suitability

Links to Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes

The Drama Toolbox’s “Ready, Set, School ! ” incursion addresses the following Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes (Birth to 5 years):

Outcome 1: IDENTITY

Children have a strong sense of identity, when they:

  • Immerse in drama to interact and engage with others role playing school readiness and school transition.
  • Use positive affirmations when faced with worries around attending Primary School
  • cooperate and work collaboratively with others to role play the first day of school
  • Understand the basic routines and expectations of Primary School

Outcome 2: COMMUNITY

Children are connected with and contribute to their world, when they:

  • Understand the worries and anxieties felt by others starting school, eg travelling along with Seal attending the different routines of the day
  • Understand the strengths and positive attributes others make to their environment, eg Turtles are kind and helpful friends in the playground, crocs are good older friends to have in the classroom

Outcome 3: WELLBEING

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing, when they:

  • Understand the use of positive affirmations in dealing with worries, such as in the warm-up exercise in getting ready for the school day
  • Share humour and achievement with other children, such as roleplaying the dancing and singing with whales
  • Use physical activities such as roleplaying playground games with the crocs

Outcome 4: LEARNING

Children are confident and involved learners, when they:

  • Use role play to understand the basic routines of a school day
  • Engage in drama that shows different character strengths of others


Children are effective communicators, when they:

  • use verbal and non-verbal language and movement to engage in the drama incursion on school transition.
  • listen and respond to Seal’s instructions and commands.
  • Engage in problem solving such as when Seal falls over during a playground game
  • Articulate the differences between their playground friends, ie mouse is shy and frightened of loud noises.
  • Are able to articulate the questions they have around school transition.