Public Presentation Skills
Workshop for Years 3-6

Develop your student’s confidence in public speaking skills in this two day practical and interactive workshop.

This Workshop runs for 8 hours in total across 2 days

First Day


  • Different strategies to help tackle nerves and feel confident in front of a group.
  • Ice-breakers with a focus on classroom respect
  • Fun Drama activities, improvisation and role play
  • An introduction to characterisation
  • Activities focused on vocal clarity, articulation and projection.
  • Analysing elements of effective public speaking

Students will learn:

  • How to move and use their bodies
  • How to focus on stance whilst speaking
  • How to project their voice
  • How emotions enhance a presentation and help a speaker resonate with the audience

By the end of the first day students will have developed strategies and techniques for public speaking in a fun non-judgemental environment, trying on different characterisations for size and begin to use their voice for maximum effect.

Second Day


  • Improvisation activities developing persuasive speech, problem solving skills and allow time for students to practice speaking without a script
  • Fun public speaking activities to take the fear away from presenting to a group
  • The afternoon session lifts the tempo with students presenting a short informative speech, in a fun non-judgmental environment.
  • They will put what they have learnt into practice and utilise the elements of public speaking

Students will learn:

  • Vocal warmups to protect and keep their voices strong
  • The difference between persuasive and informative speech and why/when to use them
  • How to break bad speaking habits
  • Why we use “pauses” when public speaking and how to use them effectively

It was such a fun and innovative way to teach public speaking skills. I have seen my students use what they learnt.

It was so nice to see my students happy and having fun. Such a wonderful experience!

Kent Rd Public School

Curriculum Suitability

Curriculum Outcomes: