Journey Into Space Incursion

Climb aboard our rocket ship and come on a space adventure in our JOURNEY INTO SPACE incursion.

Preschool children will begin their space journey on planet Earth studying the solar system, before blasting off into the galaxy to explore the planets.

During this educational incursion children will become Astronauts, Ice Crystals, Stars, Moons, Sulphuric Gasses and Dark Storms.

This space incursion will allow children to compare two different planet environments and deepen their understanding of space.

Suitable for 4 – 5 year olds (not suitable for 3 year olds).

Addresses Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes.

“This was a fantastic experience for the children and coincided nicely with Science Week. The children further developed their language skills, listening skills and social skills as they engaged with music, movement and drama.”

Zig and Zag Preschool

Curriculum Suitability

Links to Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes

The “Journey into Space” incursion addresses the following Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes (Birth to 5 years):

Outcome 1: IDENTITY

Children have a strong sense of identity, when they:

  • cooperate and work collaboratively with others eg. when they create a group storm on the planet, Venus;
  • use role play to become the different elements in space and adopt their significant features and movement eg. twinkling stars, striking lightening.

Outcome 2: COMMUNITY

Children are connected with and contribute to their world, when they:

  • use drama to broaden their understanding of space and the differences between the planets, Earth, Neptune and Venus;
  • use drama to explore the effect of temperature on the environment eg. Neptune is cold enough to sustain ice but is too cold to live on.  The temperature on Earth, however, sustains life.

Outcome 3: WELLBEING

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing, when they:

  • make new discoveries about space eg. planets differ and there is no gravity.
  • use physical activity and skills to adopt the movement and features of different elements in space eg. shooting stars and ice sculptures.
  • use physical activity and skills to understand a concept eg when they pretend to be an astronaut to explore the concept of gravity.

Outcome 4: LEARNING

Children are confident and involved learners, when they:

  • use role play to investigate and explore space, the differences between Earth, Neptune and Venus and the concept of gravity;
  • discuss and reflect on why and how the planets Earth, Neptune and Venus are different.


Children are effective communicators, when they:

interact verbally and non-verbally to demonstrate an understanding of the differences between Earth, Neptune and Venus, and the concept of gravity.