Fairy Tale Fiasco! Incursion

Fairytale Land is in a muddle and there is a whole lot of mixed up trouble in our FAIRYTALE FIASCO! Incursion.

Preschool children will love dressing up as their favourite fairytale characters to act out this dramatic fairytale

As Dwarves, Witches, Wizards, Dragons, Mice, Cats, Wolves and Pigs children will immerse themselves in this imaginative incursion and get lost in the story.

Suitable for 4 – 5 year olds (not suitable for 3 year olds).

Addresses Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes.

“The children raved about the program, as it was easy to follow and relevant to our unit of inquiry.”

Clever Kids ELC

Curriculum Suitability

Links to Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes

The “Fairytale Fiasco!” incursion addresses the following Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes (Birth to 5 years):

Outcome 1: IDENTITY

Children have a strong sense of identity, when they:

  • cooperate and work collaboratively with others to solve a problem eg. make a spell to turn “back to front” fairytale land back to ‘normal”;
  • use drama to explore both the “normal” and “back to front” identities of the characters in the fairytale.
  • recognise and express a range of emotions, such as fear when the mice chase the cats, sadness when the dwarves are supposed to be happy and joy when the spell turns Fairytale Land back to normal.

Outcome 2: COMMUNITY

Children are connected with and contribute to their world, when they:

  • use drama and storytelling to explore the concept of opposites.

Outcome 3: WELLBEING

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing, when they:

  • share the humour woven through the fairytale.  Wolves rolling in mud? Dragons breathing tomato sauce? Mice chasing cats?
  • accept the challenge and manage change when asked to perform their characters as “back to front”;
  • use physical activity and skills to achieve the movements of the characters eg. creep like cats, scurry like mice;
  • respond, through movement, to a range of music and storytelling.

Outcome 4: LEARNING

Children are confident and involved learners, when they:

  • use their imaginations and role play to explore the idea of opposites;
  • engage with the fairytale and participate in solving the complication that arises;
  • use drama to extend their understanding of the structure of a fairytale ie. beginning, complication and happy ending.


Children are effective communicators, when they:

  • use drama to engage and make meaning of a fairytale;
  • use drama to begin to form an understanding of the way a fairytale is structured ie. beginning, complication and happy ending.