Cranky-Pants’ Christmas Incursion

Cranky-Pants hates Christmas and does not want anything to do with the Tinsel Town celebrations.

Our magical Christmas incursion, CRANKY-PANTS’ CHRSTMAS is such a fun way to end the year and bring some fun and celebration into the classroom.

Children will plan a Christmas party with “Mary Christmas” and along the way they will explore the joys of the festive season and encourage Cranky-Pants to join in!

During this festive preschool incursion, children will dress-up as Magicians, Elves, Love Bugs and Clowns to teach Cranky-Pants the joys of sharing, laughter, love, magic and good cheer.

 Suitable for 3 year olds & older.

Addresses Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes.

children roleplaying
children roleplaying
Mary Christmas
children roleplaying
children roleplaying

“The Drama Toolbox is a great experience for all children, at all levels, it is expressive and inclusive. We love the way the children take the journey with the teacher through their imagination and music and movement. All the teachers are very well resourced and equipped to handle any group of children and everyone comes out feeling happy”

Seabrook Kindergarten