Circus Incursion

Roll up, roll up! Preschool children will create a Big Top sensation and feel the thrill and excitement of the circus in our CIRCUS incursion.

Children will dress-up to become Tightrope Walkers, Lions, Tigers, Clowns, Prancing Ponies and Elephants.

During this magical incursion children will be guided to use performance techniques to bring the circus to life.

Suitable for 3 year olds & older.

Addresses Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes.

No longer will they be in the audience, instead they will have the chance to leap daringly like a trapeze artist, roar like a lion, cavort like a clown, prance like a pony and sway like an elephant!

“You guys are always amazing when you come out to visit. You are able to include all of the children, even the ones who are unsure and want to watch, but end up holding the ring of fire.

Thanks again for always making a fun incursion full of laughter, excitement and some thrills.”

Macleod Preschool

Curriculum Suitability

Links to Early Years Learning & Development Outcomes

The Drama Toolbox’s “Circus” incursion addresses the following Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes (Birth to 5 years):

Outcome 1: IDENTITY

Children have a strong sense of identity, when they:

  • cooperate and work collaboratively with others to perform in a circus and entertain a fictional audience.

Outcome 2: COMMUNITY

Children are connected with and contribute to their world, when they:

  • become a circus performer and recognise their specific role eg. clowns make the audience laugh.

Outcome 3: WELLBEING

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing, when they:

  • share humour as they become circus performers, do amusing tricks and interact with the ringmaster.
  • use physical activity and skills to achieve the movements of the different circus performers eg. prance like ponies, slow and heavy like elephants and balancing on a tightrope.
  • respond, through movement, to a range of musical styles and tempos.

Outcome 4: LEARNING

Children are confident and involved learners, when they:

  • recognize the specific role of each circus performer eg. tightrope walkers thrill the audience, clowns make the audience laugh.


Children are effective communicators, when they:

  • use verbal (informing the ringmaster to lock the cage when the lions and tigers are escaping) and non-verbal language to engage in the drama workshop.
  • listen and respond to the ringmaster’s instructions and commands.