Primary School

Minibeasts Incursion

Children love exploring the garden in our MINIBEASTS incursion.

They will explore an imaginary garden learning about food sources, physical traits, camouflage, protective behaviour, predators and prey.

As Butterflies, Ladybirds, Dragonflies, Spiders, Slaters, Caterpillars, Worms and Grasshoppers they interact with each other in a garden environment.

Suitable for Foundation to Year 2.

Links to Literacy, Science as Human Endeavour & Science Understanding Strands.

children roleplaying
children roleplaying
children roleplaying

“I was extremely impressed with the incursion ‘Minibeasts’ the students were involved in today. The teacher was wonderful in directing the kindergarten students. The students were engaged and fully participated throughout the hour. It was also encouraging to watch those students who are usually shy and reserved keenly join in on the activities.”

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Suitability – Minibeasts Incursion


  • The study of living things – external features, body parts and their uses (Science Understanding strand)
  • Understand the needs of plants (Science Understanding strand)
  • Understand the needs of mini beasts (Science Understanding strand)
  • Understand that the way animals move depends on their size, shape and features eg Do they fly, jump, crawl or wriggle? Why? (Science Understanding)
  • Features of plants eg pollination (Science Understanding strand)
  • Caring for the environment (Science as Human Endeavour strand)
  • The sharing of observation and ideas through role play (Science Inquiry Skills strand)