Holiday Programs

S.O.S – Students Observing Sustainability

This exciting incursion starts on Planet Pluto where children receive a distressed SOS call from Planet Earth regarding key sustainability issues affecting the planet.

Building a bio-transporter to visit ecological hotspots such as The Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica, Sumatra and Paraguay, the Plutonians create documentaries for the human race around what they find.

Using dramatic techniques, costumes and props children explore sustainability and the issues of de-forestation, pollution, landfill and over-fishing.

They connect with the local environment to discover that individual actions can have a cumulative effect on communities and provide global results.

Suitable for Foundation to Year 6 – 1 hour incursion

Max 30 students per 1 hour session.

students roleplaying

“We had the sustainability incursion at our vacation care centre last week and the children and educators thoroughly enjoyed it! It was full of fun, great learning and engagement and the teacher was terrific with the kids. The show was well organised and perfectly executed so that the children were engaged at all times and learnt such a positive, valuable message through it all! Thank you so much to Drama Toolbox for a great program!”

Denistone East After School Care Assoc.