Holiday Programs

Fairytale Fiasco!

There is a whole lot of mixed-up trouble in our Fairy tale Fiasco incursion, Fairy tale land is in a real muddle!

Children love becoming the different Fairy tale character to act out this fractured fairy tale.

This creative and fun incursion explores the structure of stories and personal expression using body language, verbal, and visual cues.

Using costumes and props children will act as dragons, dwarves, mice, cats, pigs, wolves, dwarves and witches or wizards.

Working in small groups children will immerse themselves in this imaginative story- can they save Fairy Tale Land and turn it back to normal?

Foundation to Year 4

“Children had a wonderful time exploring the world of Fairytale Land. They loved the use of dress ups and they were thrilled to be able to change costumes. The use of music, drama and storytelling ignited their imaginations.”

St Patricks School Mortlake