Primary School

Habitat Helpers Incursion

Wearing sparkling green capes, primary school children will become Super Heroes (Habitat Helpers) to explore sustainability issues and help save the planet!

During this incursion the children will assist “Earth Girl” or “Earth Guy” and travel to different global destinations.

This unique incursion allows primary school children to discover the impact of pollution, logging, overfishing and poor water management on the local communities.

Working together, children will tackle the sustainability issues and create local actions to address the problems in each region they visit.

This incursion is a favourite amongst all schools and used as an introduction or follow-on from exploring; the environment, recycling, sustainability, pollution

Suitable for Foundation to Year 2.

Cross curriculum Priorities; English, Geography & General Capabilities.

puppets used in roleplaying
students roleplaying
children roleplaying
children roleplaying

“You guys were FUNtastic, very flexible with the changes our school imposed on you and very willing to work with the space we had. The session itself was interactive and a great way for our children to apply and extend their understanding of different habitats and different impacts that humans can have on each. Thank you!”

St Augustine’s School, Frankston South

Curriculum Suitability – Habitat Helpers Incursion

Linkage To Australian Curriculum

English Learning Outcomes

  • In the workshop, the students take on the role of aliens enlisted to save planet Earth by addressing global environmental issues in four ecological hot spots.
  • Students improvise dramatic scenes designed to persuade and inform others to take action for a sustainable planet.
  • Employing the use of costumes, props and puppets, they experiment with movement, voice and characterisation.
  • Develop skills in listening, speaking and reading as they share ideas and negotiate in collaborative situations.
  • Provide children with the opportunity to interpret non-verbal cues and choose appropriate vocabulary and vocal efforts to inform and entertain their audience
  • Students apply interaction skills to coherently communicate their point of view to their peers.

General Capabilities

  • In our drama workshops, children build a strong personal and socially oriented ethical outlook with regard to the environment.
  • The students rehearse and deliver presentations that reflect an understanding of diverse global cultures that recognise differences and commonalities.

Geography Learning Outcomes

  •  Foster a capacity for teamwork and an ability to think critically and creatively about the world in which they live.
  • We investigate the key concepts and inquiry questions that determine the geographical knowledge and understandings of the students in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Understanding the role of each citizen to reduce their carbon footprint with a positive message about how they can make a difference.