Primary School

Fairytale Fiasco! Incursion

Fairytale Land is in a muddle and there is a whole lot of mixed up trouble in our FAIRYTALE FIASCO! Incursion.

Primary school children will love dressing up as their favourite fairytale characters to act out this dramatic fairytale.

This creative incursion explores the structure of narratives and personal expression using body language, verbal and visual cues.

As Dwarves, Witches, Wizards, Dragons, Mice, Cats, Wolves and Pigs children will immerse themselves in this imaginative incursion and get lost in the story.

Suitable for Foundation to Year 2.

Links to Language, Literature & Literacy Strands of The Australian Curriculum.

children roleplaying
children roleplaying
children roleplaying
children roleplaying
children roleplaying

“Children had a wonderful time exploring the world of Fairytale Land.

They loved the use of dress ups and they were thrilled to be able to change costumes. The use of music, drama and storytelling ignited their imaginations.”

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Mortlake

Curriculum Suitability – Fairytale Fiasco! Incursion

Linkage To Australian Curriculum

  • Storytelling (Literature strand)
  • Example of a type of literary text, a fairytale in which students are able to identify some characteristic features ie. beginnings and endings eg ‘Once upon a time’ , ‘And they all lived happily ever after’ (Literature strand)
  • Retell familiar literary texts, ie fairytales through performance (Literature strand)
  • Students explore different ways of expressing emotions including verbal, visual and body language (Language strand)
  • Discuss and explore features of plot, character and setting  (Literature strand)
  • Use interaction skills of listening and taking turns (Literacy strand)
  • Discussion of beginnings (orientation), how the problem (complication) is introduced and solved (resolution) (Literature strand)
  • Understand that different types of texts have different text structures and language features,  Fairytale Fiasco! follows the narrative structure (Language strand)
  • Explore and recite poems, chants rhymes and songs, the spell in Fairytale Fiasco! (Literature strand)