Incorporating Drama into a daily school routine

For many teachers the idea of adding drama into their already busy daily routine feels overwhelming, however, if it is integrated into other subjects, drama can be done easily. For some children the benefits of incorporating drama into the classroom will be life changing and for others it may simply bring more joy to their learning. 

children roleplaying


In English you can use drama to bring a story to life. This will help children who do not have an auditory learning style. A dramatic retelling of a story can help children with their literacy and comprehension skills, sparking imagination and stimulating curiosity. 

Basic costumes and props can help bring the story to life. For example, in our Tiddalick the Frog Incursion children act out the Aboriginal Dreamtime story. During it a simple piece of blue material is used to simulate rain, the children absolutely love it and it helps immerse them in the story. 

Acting out a story can also help children learn story structure. In our Fairytale Fiasco Incursion children act out a fairytale that has a clear beginning, problem, solution and conclusion. 


Math can be made much more fun and easy for children when it is applied to real life or fictional situations. For younger children, this can be through role-play in a shop or restaurant. Mathematical patterns can be demonstrated and explored through physical movement and dance. Children are more likely to remember geometric shapes if they have made them with their own bodies. 


Drama can be used to bring historical recounts to life using role play and tableaus, such as our Terra Australis Oi Oi Oi Incursion. Children can also examine characters from any historical period through role play and hot seating. These activities will help to solidify learning. 

students roleplaying

Science and Technology 

Science learning can be extended through activities using dance, mime and movement to explore physical forces such as gravity, or to represent the action of molecules or planets. Children have so much fun  journeying through the human body in our Body Investigators Incursion dressing-up as Brain Neurones, Red and White Blood Cells, Oxygen and Gastric Juices.


Exploring cultural and environmental issues can easily be done through drama. Role playing can be used to present a character from a particular location and to examine an issue from their perspective. This can lead on to role-play in pairs or small groups to deepen understanding. 

Current environmental issues covered in our Habitat Helpers Incursion, is a great way to introduce the topic or consolidate learning at the end of the term. 

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas on how to incorporate drama into your school routine. It’s not about adding more to your already busy day, it’s about integrating it into what you already do. 

The benefits will be well worth it, I promise! 


Alexandra Daniel
The Drama Toolbox

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