Terra Australis Oi Oi Oi incursion

Can’t believe the January break is over so soon.

We have been super busy getting our resources spruced up and at a high standard. No-one wants an incursion coming in without the WOW factor and we aim to deliver it in spades!

Our Drama Team have been busy starting our Programs in schools and the Admin Team have been busy firming up 2023 bookings.

One of our top favs for easing into 2023 would have to be the SEAL Program for Foundation to Yr 2. Lots of schools book it as a gentle and fun way for students to ease into the new year. It’s packed with self-regulating strategies and is very interactive as every student has a puppet to use for each of the 5 lessons. There are no end of stories, challenges and solutions to uncover as students journey along with their puppet friends.

Another of our Term 1 favs is the Terra Australis Oi Oi Oi incursion for Years 3-6.

It really kickstarts the enquiry into Australian History exploring how key events in our past contributed to diversity and identity in contemporary society. Using drama to do so is so much fun. We love being Captain Arthur Philips who throws convicts overboard as part of our warm up – now that’s 110% engagement guaranteed!

Term 1 is all about engagement. About creating pause moments in drama where educational facts can be woven through narratives that delight students and teachers and create retention of facts.

Then for us, that’s a perfect term to kickstart the year!

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