Term 1, 2024

Term 1 ushers in Seal Season, an engaging Social Emotional Active Learning (SEAL) program. Schools appreciate this program for its structured approach towards improving focus, listening skills, turn-taking, and social awareness. Each lesson is centred around a unique theme, like teamwork, and is presented through compelling stories that students find irresistible

August 2023

There’s something about the colder months. Temp dips, wet weather timetable sets in and we get super busy! It’s a great time to tick curriculum outcomes, children are more settled and cope better with the change in routine that incursions create.

Term 2 News 2023

Meeting Cross Curriculum Priorities of Sustainability is a huge focus of our Term 2 bookings. Schools are solidly booking in to meet outcomes for Sustainability, English, Drama, General Capabilities and Geography with one of our 2 drama workshops

February 2023 Latest News

Can't believe the January break is over so soon. We have been super busy getting our resources spruced up and at a high standard. No-one wants an incursion coming in without the WOW factor and we aim to deliver it in spades!

March, 2022

We have been unrolling one of our latest Programs across schools this term – UNPLUGGED Specifically aimed at senior students this program is like being in a real life computer game. Working in tribes to defeat a computer virus, students…

Term 1, 2022 Update

It’s been great getting back into schools and preschools this term. Our office staff have been busy preparing all our packs and resources, making sure everything is sparkling and hygienic for the start of term 1. Our drama teachers have…

Term 4, 2021 Update

Term 4 has been a busy term for us already.  Our Perth service has really kicked in well and bookings are still open for exciting drama services to schools and preschools. Our Melbourne & Sydney team have really stayed creative and…

Hiring Now

Interested in a stimulating and fun career? Here’s a sneak peek inside the life of a Toolbox Drama Teacher. https://youtu.be/itn88VhJQtg Employing Melb casual teachers now - send your resume to [email protected].

Term 2, 2021 Update

We have been busy with incursions this year. Everyone has missed out last year and the pent-up demand has made us run from venue to venue. Feel free to call Melissa, our beautiful Office Manager for any queries around suitability for your groups/classes.…
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