Engaging shy children in
group drama

Step 1: Make it special. The first trick to making drama accessible is to make it enticing. For children, the more attractive the icing on the cake, the more delicious it must be and the same is true of drama.  In our workshops, we transform your space into a wonderland...
children roleplaying

Incorporating Drama into a daily school routine

For many teachers the idea of adding drama into their already busy daily routine feels overwhelming, however, if it is integrated into other subjects, drama can be done easily. For some children the benefits of incorporating drama into the classroom…

The benefits of Drama for young children

Drama is more than just a performance-based art form, it is an accessible and powerful interactive learning tool for young students.

Drama as a tool for preparing for Primary School

Children begin the year with the excitement of big school. Uniforms, new teachers, new friends, bells, canteen, the list goes on.